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The Wesley 3 Law Office, located in Detroit, Michigan is a highly focused state-wide probate and estate practice. The firm handles all aspects of a family member’s estate or guardianship and conservatorship.

Full Service Caring Law Firm: Although, I have a special emphasis in employment law and probate and estate planning, I offer the full range of legal services that you would expect in a neighbor law firm.  My goal is provide “blue chip” quality legal service at an affordable price.

If a case goes to trial or arbitration, I will aggressively advocate for you.  I take pride in carefully analyzing all the facts, information, and statutes that pertain to each client's case, and will work tirelessly to ensure that my client's best interests are pursued at all times.

Experience Trial Attorney Working for You: If you are currently in a situation where you’ll be dealing with the Michigan state court system in relation to a probate or estate related matter, or if you think that you will be in this kind of situation in the near future, it is important that you hire an attorney that knows the ins and outs of Michigan probate law.  Westley 3 Law Office with its experience and understanding of Michigan probate laws will make the situation as seamless as possible.

Private, Individual Attention: I understand the private, emotional nature of discrimination cases.  I take great care in treating each client with respect and the utmost personal attention.  I work closely with my clients to explain specific details and to answer all questions.  I always seek to deliver the most beneficial result to every client and will give informed recommendations on whether to accept or reject any settlement offers.

Reasonable Fees:  I understand the importance of providing high quality legal service at a price that the average family can afford.  I am willing to consider pricing a legal service at something other than an hourly rate.

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